Pastor Candy Serrano

Pastor Candy Serrano is a military veteran who draws far beyond her professional experience to counter-attack the plans of the enemy of altering Gods perfect design for the family. She has answered God’s call to propel women from all generations to conquer and occupy their position as the Deborah’s of these times.

As leader of the Restoration Worship Centers woman’s ministry, Mrs. Serrano’s teachings are relevant to women issues and experiences. Extracting from her husband’s teachings and Gods revelation over her life, she is able to teach women how their relationship with God impacts their body, mind and spirit. In addition to RWC’s women’s ministry she has been delegated the divine task of raising their two children Alyssa and Isaiah Serrano.

First Lady Serrano works faithfully alongside her husband as Senior Pastors of Restoration Worship Center, expanding the Kingdom of God in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding areas. Her ultimate mission is the restoration of the family.

With a heart to serve, genuine concern, and sensitive spirit she draws people to the love of Christ. Furthermore her boldness and knowledge of The Kingdom, challenges women to live a life of fullness and authority rather than simply surviving.