Pastor Eli Serrano

Pastor Eliezer Serrano the youngest of six is a man of God who heard and answered to the Lord’s call at the very early age of nine. Throughout his childhood, he practiced his preaching style in the model-altar that was handcrafted by his father Francisco Serrano Sr. With the support of his family and loud cheer of his lovely mother, he quickly evolved into a dynamic preacher, who has the God-given gift of captivating the ear of any listener. Pastor “Eli”, as addressed by the sons and daughters of RWC, bloomed into a man who understands the power and honor of leadership. Sensitive to the reality that his influential character is not merely a trait of his charisma, but the grace and love of God, he has matured into a great scholar and teacher of the word. Pastor Eli is known to value and love all the people he comes in contact with and fervently aims to develop leaders who live and serve by those same principles.

Pastor Eli, a well-prepared shepherd graduated from the Bible Institute of Assemblies of God in 2005. Throughout his walk, he served as a youth counselor, teacher, preacher, and conference speaker. In 2009, he was obedient to the voice of God and took a leap of faith by opening the doors of Restoration Worship Center. Since the conception of RWC, hundreds have come to the feet of Jesus, overcome addiction, and families have been restored. Beyond his Pastoral assignment, he is happily married to First Lady Candy Serrano and together they have two kids Alyssa and Isaiah Serrano.

Pastor Eli has recognized this period in time as a season of conquering, growth, living out faith and a life of fullness in the Lord. He is not a bystander to the attacks of the enemy but proactive in the spread of the good news of the Kingdom of God, locally, nationally and internationally. With many short and long term goals and with the direction of God, Springfield will be, “The City No Longer Deserted but sought out…” Isaiah 62