KIX Zone

Unstoppable kids are Kids with God, Kids with Kids and Kids with Purpose! KIX Zone connecting Kids with a Super Natural God! Servicing ages 2 to 11! KIX is the place to be!

Three Basic Safety Rules

  1. For the safety of all our Children, KIX Zone is a kid zone only, All adults must be accompanied by a security staff.
  2. Here at KIX your child’s safety is our priority! All Children need to be checked in and out. You will receive a sticker at check in with a number on it, remember not to lose it, you will need it to pick up your child!
  3. If for some reason your number appears on the Projector Screen in Neon Green, your child may need you please visit the KIX Check in Station immediately.

KIX Schedule

  • Sundays during our celebration service.
  • Wednesday during our celebration service.

Doors open 45 minutes before any celebration service.


  • No- Electronics
  • No- Toys, Lip Gloss, Purses
  • No- Swearing
  • No- Hitting
  • No- Gum chewing
  • No- Bullying